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    Be Greatful to the Society
    The number of browse:4843The Publishing time:2019-11-24

    Help for the Poor and Difficult Family

    The company takes "based on traditional culture, promote socialist core values" as the source of the concept of public welfare and charity. The company takes an active part in helping the lonely elderly and the poor and vulnerable groups, solicitating the relatives of the heroes, and continuously passing these on as an important part of the public welfare activities.


    Help the vulnerable. Funded several homes for the elderly in Sichuan and Anhui, donated homes for the elderly, and actively assisted the elderly, the poor and vulnerable groups, with a total amount of more than 4.6 million yuan. In June 2007, we invested 1.5 million yuan to build a nursing home in xingou village, Wuwei county, Anhui province, and donated color TV sets, air conditioners, water heaters, fitness equipment, etc., so as to improve the living environment of the rural five elderly people, so that they can have care for the elderly, enjoy happiness, live a long and healthy life, and enjoy their old age. After the completion of the nursing home, during the Spring Festival and double ninth festival, the company's party committee members will personally lead staff to visit.


    We will help fight poverty. Organize the love volunteer service team to pay long-term attention to and help families in poor areas in Yunnan, Sichuan and Anhui, and carry out a series of activities of "sending posts, skills and love" to poor areas. Since 2016, directional assistance has been provided to ji mian's younger brother and cao meng, two poor students in xiaolangshan area, and all their living and learning expenses have been solved. In January 2017, for three consecutive years, we launched the public welfare activity of "loving clothes donation, warm feelings for yi and Tibetan compatriots" in winter, and donated over 100 boxes of loving clothes, which solved the difficulties of poor yi and Tibetan compatriots in winter.


    Subsidize cultural and sports activities. More than 10 donations were made to support the adoption of pandas, table tennis, basketball games and other cultural and sports activities, with the total amount of donations exceeding 15 million yuan. Since 2004, two pandas have been adopted for a long time. In recent years, the table tennis, basketball and other provincial and municipal competitions organized and carried out have gained the enthusiastic participation and attention of world champions, professional players and fans.


    To donate

    The company takes "talent poverty alleviation" as an important means to support the development of poverty, pays close attention to the development of education in poor areas, invests a lot of funds to support the improvement of education and teaching infrastructure in poor areas, and subsidize the learning and growth of poor students.


    Donate to project hope primary school. In 2006, it invested nearly 2.5 million yuan to build more than 10 "hope primary schools" in Yunnan, equipped with teaching facilities and school supplies, and solved the problem of enrollment difficulty for children in mountainous areas. In September of the same year, another 700,000 yuan was donated to build Jingyan county hope primary school in leshan city. In August 2006 and November 2008, she donated more than 2 million yuan to China youth social education foundation for the assistance of youth education in poor areas.


    Establish special awards and grants. In November 2009, "Guangyuan scholarship" was set up in 8 middle schools of wuwei middle school and Wuwei middle school in anhui province, with an annual contribution of 2 million yuan to reward outstanding students with excellent academic performance in Wuwei county. Awards and bursaries were also set up in Xi 'an Jiaotong university, Harbin Institute of Technology and other colleges, to encourage outstanding students to make continuous efforts and achieve results.


    Broaden the vision of youth. Since 2010, 100 students with excellent scores of Wuwei local entrance examination for secondary school or college will go to Beijing to visit tsinghua university, Peking University and other famous schools, visit historical and cultural relics such as Tiananmen square and the Great Wall, and increase their knowledge. At the same time, the "June 1" festival launched the activity of "caring for children and delivering books to the campus", and went to xiaoliang mountain area of mabian, leshan city, sichuan province and gaogou town, wuwei county, anhui province, to visit the local poor children, and delivered 10,000 yuan worth of books, bags, stationery and other gifts to students in need of help.


    Earthquake relief

    When the great disaster came, the company to carry forward the Chinese nation "one party in trouble, p plus support" fine tradition, the heart of the disaster area people, take the initiative to donate money and materials, efforts, help the affected people to rebuild their homes, with practical action to fulfill the social responsibility commitment.


    Participate in earthquake relief. After the "May 12" Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, I immediately participated in earthquake relief, organized 12 trucks of food, mineral water and other urgently needed goods to be sent to Deyang, Mianyang, guangyuan and other disaster areas, and chartered special planes and trucks to deliver more than 1,000 tents, hundreds of tons of food and drinking water to the worst-hit areas in Qingchuan county. Organized party members and employees to participate in donation activities, and raised nearly 2.6 million yuan for disaster relief. Since then, more than 5 million yuan has been donated to Haiti, yushu, ya 'an and other natural disasters.

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    Join in flood fighting. In July 2016, Anhui inaction by the rainstorm, the company quickly set up the party members, members as the core of 33 people fighting and youth team, for more than 20 days, ensures that the Yangtze river big inaction period of solid, the local government will embroidered with "selfless assistance department XiangAn, fighting and reveal big love" banner to the company, to thank employees in fighting and take the bull by the horns, as to the embankment.


    Support construction in disaster areas. Every year, three thousandths of the sales revenue is used to support the construction of disaster areas. In October 2008, donated 1.5 million yuan to Sichuan quality and technical supervision school to build the dormitory damaged by the earthquake. In August 2009, he donated 6 million yuan to Beichuan education bureau to build Yongchang second primary school in beichuan qiang autonomous county, creating favorable environmental conditions for the healthy growth of the next generation in the disaster area.


     since 2018, Sunway Co., Ltd actively responded to an appeal by the party and the country, to participate in the team to build a well-off society in an all-round way in the battle, and combined with their own characteristics, puts forward the way of "sunshine" public welfare brand plan, launch the "sunshine interpreta dream" "sunshine employment" sunset "happiness" and a series of characteristic love public welfare activities, directional support for two poor families, to solve the three students all cost during reading, also to Wuhu in Anhui province Wuwei county charity donation accurate support for poverty alleviation fund 5 million yuan, promoted the education poverty alleviation, employment, industrial development, such as for poverty alleviation In order to break through the poverty alleviation "last kilometer" to contribute their own strength.